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The Wood Family

The Wood Family

Hello, Fear Kickers!

Our names are Doug and Thea Wood, and we are the founders of Kick Fear In The Face.  We live in Scottsdale, Arizona with our children Amaya, Katelyn, Phoenix, and Buddy our Boston Terrier.  

In 2009, we found ourselves wanting more out of life but we were bound up with the realities of the day-to-day rigors of just getting by.  Our work, debt, bills, and personal health were out of control and counteracting everything we were trying to accomplish.  Giving our all looked like a fake smile at the church on Sunday, while underneath we were hoping to scrape by for another week.  

On the 1st of January in 2010, we did the typical exercise of writing down our goals for the year.  Our greatest desire was to help others win at life and pursue their deepest dreams, but our insecurities and status quo life was holding us back from fulfilling our God given purpose.  

Just when the goals conversation started to get heated, Thea grabbed Doug by the hands, looked into his eyes, and said, “Doug if we don’t get over ourselves, we will keep thousands of people from breaking through in their lives”.  

That moment, we made the commitment to change. Over that next year, we lost over 100 pounds combined and began to experience FREEDOM like never before. We became pioneers and our process didn't look like the normal path.  It wasn’t easy, and we were met with discouragement along the way.  Consciously, we decided to not let fear of what people thought of us or fear of success hold us back. We were helping people reclaim their health and create life long transformation.  Soon, hundreds of people were getting healthy, but we realized that FEAR was keeping them from breakthrough.  Fear was stopping people from reaching their goals.  If they did reach their goals, fear kept them from committing to life-long change.  If they did make a true transformation, fear kept them from paying it forward to others.

In April of 2012, Thea was speaking at a conference to a group of people who were crippled by FEAR.  

The power of God came over her and as she leaped off the stage and boldly proclaimed, “Sometimes in LIFE you will have to just KICK FEAR IN THE FACE!  Make a decision, do it even if you’re are afraid, and go against your safe feelings to make a change".  

Once the shock wore off of the crowd, they erupted in cheers! That moment started a movement.  Now, there are thousands of 'FEAR KICKERS' rising up to KICK FEAR IN THE FACE.

We challenge you to not let the number one killer of DREAMS keep you from your true PURPOSE and fulfill your God given destiny by daily KICKING FEAR IN THE FACE.  

Get inspired, make a decision, and wear the apparel that speaks life to you and inspires action.

Better Together,
The Wood Family…