Daily Commitment to be Consistent - White Racerback Tank

Daily Commitment to be Consistent - White Racerback Tank


Do you ever wake up and just don't feel like doing anything? Well me too. What I have found though is that it's not about how I feel...most days I have to just get up and act my way into feeling.  Daily Commitment to be Consistent comes from the idea that if you just keep taking the daily action steps the results will show up. The goals we set for ourselves aren't going to be reached if we sit on our butts friends.  Lets choose today to get up and commit to daily action! When you don't feel like it...this is a great shirt for you to remember to just show up and do the work anyway.  Whether its going to the gym, calling that friend, or keeping your kids awake 😉 , this shirt is one to remind you that consistency does pay off.  Let's be results driven not feeling driven!

Style Details: Go with the flow in this go-to tank, made from an exceptionally soft poly-viscose blend, in a flattering draped silhouette, round neck and racerback. 

Care Instructions:  In order to best preserve the condition of your Kick Fear in the Face apparel, please wash this garment inside out in cold water and either hang dry or dry on a low-heat cycle. 


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